therapy for adolescents and their families, individuals, and couples

Jean Piacenza, LCSW

My Profile

I have received my training from many different sources: An undergraduate degree in music and education from Yale, division I athletic experience, a masters degree in social work, and a teaching certificate. Further, I learned a great deal while serving as an educational advocate and tutor in a maximum-security prison, a caseworker in a group home for adolescent boys, a high school teacher of mathematics, clinical director of a residential treatment center, and a boarding school administrator.  And, most importantly, my clients, during decades of clinical work, have taught me new skills and better understanding of how individuals and systems work, and what skills are needed to face particular challenges.

Names of academic institutions and professional letters after my name are of course important.  But what matters so much more are the cumulative profile, and the rich educational and professional experiences that have taught me my craft.

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